Stop and Listen

When everything around us gets crazy, experiencing lots of transitions or change keeps occurring it gets easy to start turning inward to see how you can fix it. Turning inward is one of the BIGGEST mistakes we can make! We change by the minute! It's no way we have the ability to make sound decisions for our lives when sometimes are thoughts overwhelm us!

In those moments we have to make a decision to stop and listen.

1) Stop overthinking, analyzing, misjudging, talking to everyone else, watching youtube videos, listening to talk show hosts, scrolling on facebook/instagram and checking emails for the answer and realize that the creator of the universe, God, is ready to meet your needs because he knows you better than you know yourself! You gotta stop!

2) Listen to his voice. He won't lead you to the wrong thing. We lead ourselves into more than we can handle. We can only see what's going on today. We don't have any idea about the future. God does. He wants to share his secrets with you concerning your life, but you have to listen to him. Listening may take several hours of prayer, fasting and sitting quiet before him without any distractions. How can you know what a person wants to tell you if you never give them the opportunity to talk to you? We expect to God to give us these HUGE signs without spending any time listening to him or reading his word (because he speaks to us through his word).  The answer is not going to be on a billboard driving down the freeway, or in a facebook status you randomly stumbled upon. The sign you may be looking for is this one, telling you to listen to the voice of the Lord.

If you're unsure of what to do or how to handle what's going on before you make another decision, stop and listen to God. He has what you need.

Love you guys!

-Hilary Pradia :)

Take rest

Sometimes life gets so busy. I mean really busy. Busy like your days start running together and you can't remember what you ate for breakfast. When you get busy like that, it also means that you probably don't make the time for God. I mean he should understand because you're filling your days fulfilling the plans he's given to you. Right? No.. Wrong! Because you're so "busy" not making time for him, you probably don't have a good handle on how busy you are. You probably feel tired and uneasy because it seems like no matter how many hours you put into all of these projects, the to-do list never seem to get done. Then, your busyness is probably causing you not to take any time away for yourself. You know what I'm talking about. 

God is literally standing in your doorway waiting on you to invite him in. I mean.. He's the one that opened the door for you, and made a way for you to walk through it. At the very least we should invite him in. Being as tired as we are, and possibly full of anxiety, we shut him out thinking that he doesn't understand.

But... He's still there. Waiting.. Saying, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest (Matt 11:28 *NLT)."

Truth is.. As strong as we may seem to the world... We're tired. Mentally. Drained. For having to think for ourselves and for all that depend on us to solve their problems and lead them to the right direction.

But at this moment we have a decision to make.. Do I keep carrying my heavy burdens because I believe I'm stronger than God? OR Do I admit that I need to take rest in the Lord, and what shall be is what HE has said?

Chose rest. Go to sleep. Cast your worry and care unto him because he cares so much about the things that that weigh so heavily on our hearts and minds (1 Pet 5:7).

I know this all too well, and tonight.. and nights to come. I will chose to take rest in the Lord.