I’m a pretty girl not ‘cause I’m a 10 but because I represent!
— Hilary Pradia

"I'm a pretty girl not 'cause I'm a 10, but because I represent. On a mission, saving my sisters, getting back to crown life, never get it twisted!" These highlighted lyrics are featured on her second single entitled the "Pretty Girl Anthem" from the EP "Pretty Night" which was released March 4, 2016. From the girl who defines pretty as one who does not allow their outer appearance define their worth but rather one that serves the Lord and others, Hilary Pradia. This pretty girl is an award winning recording artist who’s acclaimed for her powerful stage presence, fiery rap lyrics, songwriting and vocal skills.


To accompany her music, Hilary has a passion for sharing her story with young women of overcoming being a fatherless daughter and finding her life's purpose. She is a profound panelist and inspirational speaker connecting with young people at schools, community events and women's prisons to name a few. Her testimony is one to be heard for this generation.